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Express Readers’ Blog

The Express Readers’ Blog covers topics for Pk-2nd Grade literacy
and foundational skills

Dyslexia and Decodable Books: Tips for Teachers and Parents

Discover practical tips for teaching dyslexic children to read with decodable books. Essential advice for teachers and parents alike.

The Science of Reading: Clearing Up 5 Common Misconceptions

Discover the truth behind 5 reading misconceptions. Learn why they're wrong and how it impacts your student’s reading.

Why the Science of Reading Matters for Teachers: What You Need to Know

Discover the essential science of reading that every teacher should know. Learn about the latest research and improve your teaching strategies.

Decodable Books: The Key to Unlocking Reading Success for Kids

Unlock your student's reading potential with decodable books. Learn the benefits of using them for early literacy development in this article.

Choosing Decodable Books to Support Your Students Reading Level

Find the right books to support your students' reading level. Discover how to choose decodable books and help your students become successful and confident readers.

What to Look for in a Quality Decodable Text: Essential Features and Characteristics

Discover how to choose quality decodable texts for early literacy instruction. Explore key features with Express Readers. Start your student’s reading success today!


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