Big Steps Activities Book

Printable activities/resources & supplemental materials

A Teacher Resource For All Games And Activities

Each section of the program has a version of the “Activities Book,” and in Steps 4-6, the version is called the Big Steps Activities Book.

The Big Steps Activities Book is a teacher resource for all games and activities planned that are not already printed in a consumable. All files are given on a USB drive when a program is purchased. All files from the USB and all updates can be found on this page as they are added to the resource. This process of updates allows teachers using Express Readers to constantly access the best versions and the newest resources based on teacher input about the program and materials, as well as our own research and creation.

Below is a list of topics. Click on a topic to be taken to that section or to the page within this platform where the resources can be found. Each section on this page is composed of downloadable PDF files.

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