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Who we are …

Express Readers is a company founded by current and former teachers with the mission of developing materials, promoting teacher success, and continuously researching best practices to assist teachers in supporting ALL of their students.

Express Readers aims to provide the highest quality resources and the most comprehensive teacher support possible, resulting in higher literacy rates and more engaged readers. “EVERY child deserves to learn to read,” we believe.

Who we are …

Elise Lovejoy is the Founder and CEO of Express Readers, as well as a dedicated educator. She has a BA and MA in Elementary Education and has worked in the classroom for over 15 years, teaching grades K-2.

After becoming concerned about the lack of phonics materials and books written by educators who understood the practical implications in classrooms, Elise began writing and developing Express Readers for her students. She successfully created a large collection of phonics books with complete stories and a sense of humor, all based on research on how students learn to read. Elise threw herself into research and studies, eventually creating a full foundational skills curriculum with the help and input of many incredible educators. Express Readers aims to ensure that all kids have access to literacy education and that all educators have the information, the resources, and a comprehensive engaging program to teach the fundamentals.

“From all of us at Express Readers, thank you for your continued love and commitment to teaching our children. We are excited to be a part of your team!”

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