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The Online Assessment

The Online Assessment is a free resource. Register to make an account or login here:

The Online Assessment is a dashboard that contains assessments for a phonic’s inventory, sight words, sound assessments, and rhyming. The system is used for recording and collecting, while students look at paper copies of the assessments which can be downloaded and/or printed.

The Online Assessment can be set up for school/district use, allowing students and all of their data to be transferred between classes or grade levels. If you would like to use this school- or district-wide please get in touch with us to assign an admin account. If you are a teacher wishing to use this resource, just register independently.

Assessment Options:

Report Options:

Reports can be printed, saved, or exported.

The Class Assessment Report shows one round of scores for all students in a class list. This report gives a basic suggested Step for each student.

The Singular Student Assessment Report shows one round of scores for a specific student. This report gives an in-depth, suggested Step for the student. Teacher Notes can be found here.

The Singular Student Comparison Report shows all rounds of scores for a specific student to track growth and development.

The Singular Student Success Report lists all correct answers within one round of the assessment.

The Singular Student Error Report lists all incorrect answers within the assessment. This is report type is to help guide teacher instruction based on student need.

Some of the intuitive elements of the Online Assessment to help guide educators:

At a glance information to help educators get quick overviews of a student needs and progress

Comprehensive layouts to make the assessment process simple for educators

Prompts to help educators navigate the assessment flow without training or written directions

Data and information that immediately assists educators in adjusting and implementing instruction to support students

Getting Started

IMPORTANT: The Assessment Dashboard is an online source for teachers to record and organize assessment data/scores. Students will be looking at paper versions of the assessment that can be found in the Documents tab of the Assessment Dashboard.

1) Upload or enter students.

2) Create a class list and add in the students you entered.
TIP: Choose a name that includes the school year.

3) Go to assessments and choose the assessment you wish to give.

Main Assessment and Rhyming/Sound Fluency Assessment:

Sight Word Assessment:

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