The Teacher’s Platform

Take a tour through the platform for free and use the Online Assessment by registering for the online resources:

The Teacher’s Platform is a living resource, containing hundreds of printable resources and visual lessons. With a yearly subscription of $49, users have access to resources from all three Express Readers’ Programs, TK-2nd Grade, as well as any updates created during the year.

Here’s a peek into what resources are available on the Teacher’s Platform or login to take a tour…

Practice Pages

Visual activities for the first 50+ (approximately) pages of each Practice Pages

Express Spelling

Printable activities for TK-2nd grade spelling/encoding practice


Visual activities and printable games

SOS Words

Printable activities for TK-2nd grade sight word instruction

Tool Kits

Black and white books for students and decodable reading comprehension

Activities Books

Printable activities for TK-2nd grade Activities Books

Daily Dos

All visual lessons for TK-1st grade phonemic awareness with built in lessons

Class Books

Visual lessons for all pages of the Consonant Play Book and the Picture Finds Book