Express Readers is a TK-2nd grade foundational reading program, with a focus on individual student and teacher needs. All curriculum is planned with modifications, accommodations, and even extensions, allowing effective use in even the most diverse classrooms. Materials and resources are created and evaluated by teachers, ensuring that every part of the program is applicable to the current needs of our students.

Express Readers helps integrate the program into a school’s philosophy, culture, and curriculum, maintaining relationships with faculty to ensure success. Express Readers has been successfully supporting private, charter, and public schools since 2014.

Express Readers does not require an expensive, multi-year contract or licensing fee like most other programs. We know that you will love Express Readers and choose to use the program year after year. Simply choose the program that suits your school and your students to get started!

Please contact us if you have ANY questions about which program is right for your school!

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