Alphabet Book

Alphabet Book

Item # CS-30012


106 pages
bound, 8.5×11, paperback consumable

The Alphabet Book is a black-and-white student consumable with pictures for beginning sounds, sentences for each letter of the alphabet, and letter recognition practice. Includes the following activities for each letter:

Find It Pages – work on letter formation and letter recognitions.

Picture Dictionaries – work on isolation and auditory recognition of beginning sound based on one specific letter spelling.

Sentence Pages – are used to model reading, left to right, top to bottom, and showing words as separate entities. These pages are not required reading for students since the phonics skills needed have not been learned, but the pages help begin the understanding that the words we read are representations of the words we speak.

The book helps students learn the most basic sounds for all 26 letters of the alphabet, while giving teachers an opportunity to model reading techniques. Students will love finding silly Bug on every page!

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