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Tool Kit, Step 6, Class Set of 25

Tool Kit, Step 6, Class Set of 25

$ 425.00
Item #CS-56012
250 pages
bound, 8.5×11, paperback consumable

The Tool Kit, Step 6 is the perfect complementary tool to the Decodable Book Set, Step 6.

The Tool Kit, Step 6 contains 15 black-and-white books, 6 reading comprehension pages for each book, 2 Express Theater scripts, 1 poem, and 2 short stories with reading comprehension. Each book, short story, poem, and script focuses on the phonics within Step 6 Practice Pages, giving meaning to the phonics being learned and reviewed.

Students can make and take home the books to read with their family and friends. Teachers can use the books as a teaching and practicing tool for phonics, reading fluency, and reading comprehension. Teachers can use the books to have students highlight sticky words, slow down sounds, and more…..

The Tool Kit, Step 6 contains the following black-and-white book versions:

  • Frog’s Bad Day
  • Chimp At The Market
  • Snakes In a Storm
  • Dog Surfs
  • Pig At The Pool
  • Dog’s Book
  • Cat’s Bow
  • Cub Frowns
  • Duck’s Nightlight
  • Cub’s Loyal Pal
  • Cat’s Claw
  • Fish’s New Jewel
  • Frog The Kitchen Whiz
  • Pig’s Magic Trick
  • The Snakes Make a Snowman

For each black-and-white book, there are 6 reading comprehension pages:

  • comprehension of text using the character from the story
  • sequence or events
  • true or false
  • written questions
  • multiple choice

an “About Me” page drawing connections to the student
This class set of consumables is for 25 copies of this consumable. Unfortunately, we do not sell these individually, as they are not meant for reproduction or photocopying.

If you have any questions about this, please reach out to us at

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