Tool Kit,
Step 6

Binding: This consumable can only be ordered as a bound book with perforation

Tool Kit,
Step 6

Item # CS-26012


250 pages
bound, 8.5×11, paperback consumable

The Tool Kit, Step 6 is the perfect complementary tool to the Decodable Book Set, Step 6.

The Tool Kit, Step 6 contains 15 black-and-white books, 6 reading comprehension pages for each book, 2 Express Theater scripts, 1 poem, and 2 short stories with reading comprehension. Each book, short story, poem, and script focuses on the phonics within Step 6 Practice Pages, giving meaning to the phonics being learned and reviewed.

Students can make and take home the books to read with their family and friends. Teachers can use the books as a teaching and practicing tool for phonics, reading fluency, and reading comprehension. Teachers can use the books to have students highlight sticky words, slow down sounds, and more…..

The Tool Kit, Step 6 contains the following black-and-white book versions:

For each black-and-white book, there are 6 reading comprehension pages:

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