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Decodable Book Set, I Am Ready

Decodable Book Set, I Am Ready

$ 28.50
Item # DC-10012

The Express Readers’ series begins with the I Am Ready Decodable Book Set. This set includes 6 books containing simple sentences, vc and cvc words, and short vowels.

In this first set, we meet some of our characters and follow them as they try to solve problems, hunt for answers, take care of one another, and play games with one another.

Sticky Words introduced: I, a, the, was, to, too, from, go

Book titles include:

Dog Is

  • In Dog Is, children are introduced to Dog and learn about opposites. Dog Is does not have any sticky words. There are boxes in this book that need to be filled with a verbal answer. These spaces hold the place of words that have higher level phonics, not decodable at this level.

Pig Is Sad

  • In Pig Is Sad, Pig has many reasons to be sad. At the end, all Pig needed to be happy was a good friend!
  • Sticky words: the, a

Cat’s Hat

  • Cat is invited to visit Cub’s den, but it is pouring rain. Cat does not want to get wet, so she needs a hat. She tries various items on as hats, but in the end, she receives a hat in the mail from her buddy Cub!
  • Sticky words: go, to, too, the, from
  • Slow Down Sounds: -ll, -st, ending -s, “x” spells /ks/

Cub Hid

  • Cub is playing a game of hide and seek. Before he discovers a hiding place that works for him, he tries many different spots that do not work. We also do not find out who Cub’s friend is until the very end of the book.
  • Sticky words: the, was, to
  • Slow Down Sounds: -xt (an ending blend), ending -s, “x” spells /ks/

I Am…

  • In I Am…, children are introduced to different characters, some of their characteristics, and some jobs they do.
  • Sticky words: I, a
  • Slow Down Sounds: tw-

I Am Bug

  • Bug is very talented. He proves to be a very silly bug, and he tires himself out showing off his abilities.
  • Sticky words: I, a
  • Slow Down Sounds: “x” spells /ks/

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