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Decodable Book Set, Set 1

Decodable Book Set, Set 1

$ 38.00
Item # DC-10112

Step 1 Decodable Book Set contains 8 books with simple sentences, consonant-vowel-consonant words, and short vowels.

In Step 1, students are introduced to Bug, Dog, Cat, Cub, and Pig, (all characters with cvc names).

Sticky Words introduced:
I, a, be, for, from, go, he, the, to, too, was

Book titles include:

Bug Gets Wet

  • Bug is unable to fly, because his wings are weighed down with water. He is saddened by this, but he is cheered up as the sun emerges to dry his wings. Although, we never learn HOW Bug got wet, students will enjoy looking at the pictures for clues.
  • Sticky words: the, go
  • Slow Down Sounds: ending –s

Bugs Has Huts

  • Bug has a hut, but the hut has all kinds of little issues. He applies his problem-solving abilities while going through a process of trial and error in his attempt to fix his hut. Ultimately, Bug makes his hut ideal for him.
  • Sticky words: the, for
  • Slow down the sound: ending –s

Cat Can

  • Cat is sad that she cannot hop to keep up with Frog. Cat thinks of all the ways she is talented which helps her figure out a different way to keep up with her pal!
  • Sticky words: to
  • Slow Down Sounds: ending –s, -xt (in the word “next”)

Dog Gets a Job

  • Dog must find a job, but he is not good at the jobs he tries. Finally, Dog discovers his talent for digging and realizes he can use his skills as his job.
  • Sticky words: be, for, to
  • Slow Down Sounds: ending –s, –ll (in the word “well”)

Dog Gets a Van

  • Dog gets a van, but he cannot get the van to turn on or go. He tries to fix it and adds gas before realizing that the car starts by simply pressing a button.
  • Sticky words: the, go, he, to
  • Slow Down Sounds: ending –s

Pig Has a Pet

  • Pig gets a pet, but his pet gets sick. Pig brings the pet to the vet, who gives him a pill to help the pet recover. The pet takes a nap and feels better!
  • Sticky words: the, go, he, to
  • Slow Down Sounds: ending –s, -ll (in the words “ill” and “pill”), gl- (in the word “glad”)

Pig Was Hot

  • Pig was hot and tried to find a way to cool down. Pig does not find a cool spot until the end, but the spot he finds happens to be Dog’s water bowl!
  • Sticky words: the, was, from
  • Slow Down Sounds: -nt (in the word “went”), -nd (in the word “pond”)

Cub And The Nap

  • Cub is tired and needs a nap. He tries to get comfortable in many places, but those places do not fit him. The den at the end is the best fit.
  • Sticky words: the, too, to, for, he
  • Slow Down Sounds: ending -s

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