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Decodable Book Set, Step 2

Decodable Book Set, Step 2

$ 28.50
Item # DC-10212

Step 2 Decodable Book Set contains 6 books with simple sentences and words with blends and short vowels.

We continue to meet other characters as they overcome obstacles and learn to solve problems.

Sticky Words introduced:
come, does, have, like, of, put, puts, see

Book titles include:

Duck And His Mom

  • Duck is going to visit his mom. Duck investigates many types of transportation, but none of them can get him to his mom’s house. Good thing his mom’s house is just across the pond and he can swim to get there!
  • New Sticky words: see
  • Old Sticky words: the, go
  • Slow Down Sounds: blends (-ck, sw-, gl-, -xt)

Duck Has a Nest

  • Duck attempts to find a nest for himself. Each nest he discovers has a funny problem that keeps him from settling in. Will Duck find a nest?
  • Old Sticky words: for, he, the, too
  • Slow down the sound: ending blends (-st, -ck, -mp, -sk, -nd)

Frog And His Sled

  • Frog gets a sled with a flag. He goes sledding, loses control, and flips around as he goes down the hill. He runs into the side of a bus, but he had such a wonderful time that it does not matter!
  • New Sticky words: puts
  • Old Sticky words: the, to, he
  • Slow Down Sounds: blends (fr-, fl-, sl-, -ll, dr-, sp-, pl-, sk-, gl- )

Frog Hunts For a Pal

  • Frog is lonely and needs a friend. Frog tries to make friends with a crab, but the crab runs away. Frog decides he will trap a pal, but his trap doesn’t catch anyone. Finally, Bug holds up a sign that reminds Frog to smile. All Frog needs to do is smile, and he makes new friends.
  • New Sticky words: does, have
  • Old Sticky words: the, to, he, was, sees, for
  • Slow Down Sounds: blends (fr-, gr-, -nt, sp-, cr-, -ff, ll, st-, -st, -ck, sn-, -dd, tr-, -nd, sl-, sn-)

Duck And The Mess

  • Duck’s friends are coming for a visit, but his nest is messy and dirty. He sets to cleaning and fixing many different parts of his nest. When his friends come, they like his nest!
  • New Sticky words: come, like
  • Old Sticky words: to, he, the, have
  • Slow Down Sounds: blends (-ck, sm-, -ll, scr-, st-, -st, -ss, -nt, -nd, dr-, -nk)

Duck Up a Hill

  • Duck goes up a hill to watch a sunset but slips at the top and tumbles down the hill. His friends help him into bed and take care of him so he can get better.
  • New Sticky words: of
  • Old Sticky words: be, he, for, see, the, to
  • Slow Down Sounds: double letters (-ll, -ss, -ff, -tt), blends (st-, -st, -ck, -lp, fl-, tr-, sl-, -xt, gl-, -mp, gr-, cr-)

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