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Decodable Book Set, Step 3

Decodable Book Set, Step 3

$ 28.50
Item # DC-10312

Step 3 Decodable Book Set contains 6 books with simple sentences and words with digraphs and short vowels. Step 3 also introduces two-syllable words.

As they continue to overcome obstacles with a positive attitude, we hear from both new and old characters.

Book titles include:

Chimp Gets a Check-Up

  • Chimp has to have a check-up with his doctor. He wants to be healthy, but he is nervous. He does not want to get a shot, but he knows it will help him stay healthy. He is brave, and the shot is over very quickly. Chimp even gets a lollipop!
  • New Sticky words: good
  • Old Sticky words: does, to, the, he, be, sees, like
  • Slow Down Sounds: digraphs (ch, sh)

Dog And The Gift

  • Dog is trying to find a gift for Frog’s party. He looks at multiple gifts, but there is something wrong with one. Dog finally picks out a shell, and Frog loves the gift! More importantly, Dog spent time and care to find the right gift for his friend.
  • Old Sticky words: for, he, the, too
  • Slow down the sound: ending blends (-st, -ck, -mp, -sk, -nd)

Fish Had a Wish

  • Fish wishes for all types of decorations to be in her dish, but her dish becomes too cramped for her to swim about. She ends up wishing for too much, and her bowl becomes cramped. Fish wishes her dish to go back as it was before, because she is happy to have her dish just as it was.
  • New Sticky words: she
  • Old Sticky words: was, to, the, for, to, be
  • Slow Down Sounds: digraphs (ch, sh, th)

Chimp Camps

  • Chimp goes camping. One by one, his belongings disappear. He thinks someone is stealing, but his friends surprise him at the end by making him a meal.
  • New Sticky words: where, are
  • Old Sticky words: have, for, to, from, he, puts, does, see, the, go
  • Slow Down Sounds: digraphs (ch, sh, -tch)

Duck Sings a Song

  • Duck is going performa song at the Spring Bash, but he becomes very nervous. Fish helps Duck be brave and confident. At the end, Duck is brave and sings his song in front of all his friends. His friends support him and are always kind.
  • Old Sticky words: the, he, of, be, good, like, does
  • Slow Down Sounds: (-ng, -nk)

Cub Has a Picnic

  • Cub gets ready for a picnic with his friends. He gets his blanket, his picnic basket, and all types of food and supplies packed. Just as he is almost set, he feels raindrops. He feels helpless and upset, but he comes up with a plan. He sets up a tent and all his pals have a great picnic in the tent.
  • New Sticky words: all
  • Old Sticky words: from, the, he, of, to, be, for, have, put
  • Slow Down Sounds: multisyllabic words (two syllable words with closed syllables and short vowels)

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