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Decodable Book Set, Step 4

Decodable Book Set, Step 4

$ 33.25
Item # DC-10412

Step 4 Decodable Book Set contains 7 books with slightly more complex sentence structure, long vowels using “sneaky e,” and multisyllabic words.

Book titles include:

Snake 1 And Snake 2

  • Snake 1 and Snake 2 are introduced in this book (not seen in any of the previous Steps). They are twin brothers, and the book talks about their characteristics and some of their activities.
  • New Sticky words: they, do
  • Old Sticky words: are, like, have, the, to, be
  • Slow Down Sounds: sneaky “e,” long /A/ spelled a_e

Duck Bakes a Cake

  • Duck tries to bake a cake for his friend, Frog. He falls asleep on the couch, and the cake burns. Duck is sad, but he just tries again. This time he uses an alarm clock to help him know when the cake is finished. Frog likes his cake!
  • New Sticky words: again, wants
  • Old Sticky words: to, for, he, the, puts, likes
  • Slow Down Sounds: sneaky “e,” long /A/ spelled a_e

Dog And His Bone

  • Dog goes to a shop and buys a new bone. When he is trying to carry the bone home, his rope breaks. He tries to put the bone in a hole, but it turns out to be the home of a mole. The mole is angry at first, but after Dog gives the mole a rose and a nice note, the mole changes his mind. The mole helps Dog, and they become friends.
  • New Sticky words: you, my
  • Old Sticky words: the, for, are, he, to, put, they, good, was
  • Slow Down Sounds: sneaky “e,” long /O/ spelled o_e

Pig Hikes

  • Pig goes on a hike. He gets tired quickly and gets a cramp. He must rest. He almost gives up, but he keeps going until he reaches the top. He is very proud of himself.
  • New Sticky words: when
  • Old Sticky words: the, does, good, he, to, do, wants
  • Slow Down Sounds: sneaky “e,” long /I/ spelled o_e
  • Two syllable word: sunshine

The Snakes Race

  • The snakes go on a trip to a place with cabins and swimming. Snake 1 suggests racing, but Snake 2 does not tell Snake 1 that he does not like to race. Snake 2 cannot keep up in the race and falls. Snake 1 comes back for him and realizes that Snake 2 is not happy. They decide to do an activity they both enjoy, and they swim together.
  • New Sticky words: says
  • Old Sticky words: to, have, are, they, the, see, be, does, go, of, for, he, good
  • Slow Down Sounds: sneaky “e,” soft “c” /s/
  • Two syllable word: inside, priceless

Frog Has The Blues

  • Frog has had some bad luck and we see multiple events that show his bad luck. Chimp sees Frog being sad and hugs him. Chimp also gives him a compliment. Frog remembers that not everything can be bad if he has such a good friend.
  • New Sticky words: some
  • Old Sticky words: the, you, are, says, have, good, sees, wants, to, do, be, from, go
  • Slow Down Sounds: sneaky “e,” long /U/ spelled u_e, ue
  • Two syllable word: rescue, statue

Cat Gets a Scare

  • Cat goes camping, but she smells smoke another campsite fire in the distance. She is scared and imagines a brute in the cave. She tries to be brave and tells a joke to make the brute happy. Cub starts laughing, and Cat realizes it is just a friend of hers.
    New Sticky words: there, her
  • Old Sticky words: the, sees, she, does, from, wants, go, you, are, my, see, says, have, to
  • Slow Down Sounds: sneaky “e,” mixed practice
  • Two syllable word: herself, ruckus, ignite, sunset, campsite, inside

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