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Decodable Book Set, Step 5

Decodable Book Set, Step 5

$ 33.25
Item # DC-10512

Step 5 Decodable Book Set contains 7 books with slightly more complex sentence structure, long vowels using basic vowel teams (ee, ea, ai, oa, ui), and multisyllabic words.

Book titles include:

Duck Feels Sick

  • Duck has many symptoms of being sick. Duck was actually stung by a bee and saw blood, which made him feel awful. His friend, Frog, cheers him up by bringing him sweets and by being kind.
  • New Sticky words: why
  • Old Sticky words: he, are, does, for, to
  • Slow Down Sounds: long /E/ spelled “ee”
  • Two syllable word: cannot

Pig At The Beach

  • Pig goes to the beach and has a great time, even though a sea gull steals his lunch, and a crab pinches him. He does lots of fun activities, but he forgets to put on sunblock. He gets sunburn, so Bug gives him cream to help with his sunburn.
  • New Sticky words: now
  • Old Sticky words: of, the, does, for, to, was, he, when, good, wants
  • Slow down the sound: /E/ spelled “ea” and “ee”

Dog’s Feast

  • Dog plans a big feast for all his friends. He does lots of work to get ready, but he slips on water that came from a leaky faucet and hurts himself. His friends come to find Dog crying and help to make the feast happen.
  • New Sticky words: what
  • Old Sticky words: have, he, for, to, does, the, come, they, good
  • Slow Down Sounds: /E/ spelled “ea” and “ee”

Snakes on a Train

  • The snakes are going to visit a friend and they try all types of transportation options to get there. They fail in many ways but finally get on a train that takes them to visit their friend.
  • New Sticky words: we, our
  • Old Sticky words: the, for, to, they, too, be, he, from, have, my, come, was
  • Slow Down Sounds: /A/ spelled ai, /E/ spelled ee
  • Two syllable words: visit, travel, tickets, cannot

Fish Gets Clean

  • Fish sprains her tail and cannot clean her bowl. She is sad, but her friends come to help her. They make her dish look splendid.
  • New Sticky words: could, no
  • Old Sticky words: her, she, the, what, put, do, have, we, they, come, to, does, from, of, again, be, now, for
  • Slow Down Sounds: /A/ spelled ai, /E/ spelled ee and ea
  • 2-syllable word: reveal, splendid, landscape

Cub on a Boat

  • Cub gets ready to cruise up the coast on his boat, packing food in a cooler. On the boat, a big wave tips him over. Cub’s boat sinks, but his pals come and rescue him. They have a fun day of eating, telling jokes, and having a bonfire on the beach.
  • Old Sticky words: the, he, puts, for, does, come, say, we, our, have, be, when, they, to
  • Slow Down Sounds: oa, ui, ea, ee
  • 2-syllable words: picnic, bonfire

Cat On The Road

  • It is very hot, and Cat has a plan to get cool. She writes to Frog to ask if she can come to his pond, and he responds with a note and directions. Cat goes to Frog’s pond and has a lovely week with him, swimming and floating on rafts.
  • New Sticky words: said
  • Old Sticky words: she, the, her, to, for, from, come, you, when, they, my, have, does, go
  • Slow Down Sounds: vowel teams, ee, ea, ai, oa, ui
  • Two syllable words: travel, until

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