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Decodable Book Set, Step 6

Decodable Book Set, Step 6

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Item # DC-10612

Step 6 Decodable Book Set contains 15 books with complex sentence structure, a focus phonics chunk per book, and multisyllabic words.

Book titles include:

Frog’s Bad Day

  • Frog has a bad day, with a series of bad events occurring. At the end of the book, Frog realizes that it is Sunday. He gets to stay at home and play all day.
  • Sticky words: he, of, for, to, why, the, what, be, wants, too, all, good
  • Slow Down Sounds: long /A/ spelled ay
  • Two syllable word: crayon, cannot, driveway, into, Sunday

Chimp At The Market

  • Chimp gets a note in the mail from Duck. He borrows a car from Dog and goes to Duck’s farm. Duck needs help selling his products in the market. The two friends travel to the market, sell their products, and return home late. Duck gives Chimp a bracelet to say thank you for the help!
  • Sticky words: the, from, to, of, was, they, he, you, put
  • Slow Down Sounds: /ar/ spelled ar
  • Two syllable word: market, pumpkin, products, targets, carpets, garden, bracelet

Snakes in a Storm

  • Snake 1 hears on the TV forecast about a storm that is coming. He panics, wakes Snake 2, and begins frantically making a list of tasks that need to be done to prepare for the storm. Snake 2 feels badly for how upset Snake 1 is, but Snake 2 does not trust the forecast. When the storm comes, it is not a storm at all but a simple drop of rain.
  • Sticky words: they, to, of, the, says, come, we, have, be, put, all, do, our, go, my, too, you, could, are, was, no
  • Slow Down Sounds: /or/ spelled or, ore, our, oor, oar
  • Multisyllabic words: report, forecast, inside, muffins, cornflakes, shortcake, seaside, forlorn, incorrect, support

Dog Surfs

  • Dog gets to the beach bright and early to start surfing. He is eager to get started, but once he starts surfing, a big wave pulls him under. He gets swirled around in the water movement made by the big wave. When the wave throws him onto the beach, he is a bit hurt and very scared. Cat comes to make Dog feel better, and Dog decides to give it another try. The pals have fun surfing together.
  • Sticky words: the, of, to, was, go, do, you, he, be, me, have now, my, again, my, puts, some, comes, your
  • Slow Down Sounds: /er/ spelled ir, er, ur
  • Two syllable words: sunrise, after, seaweed, liquid, sunblock, into, onto, stronger, wetsuit, current, perfect, seconds, enter

Pig At The Pool

  • Pig gets invited to Duck’s pool party but becomes nervous, because he wants his friends to think he is cool. He gets ready, but when he gets to the party, he falls off a stool in front of everyone. He becomes embarrassed and upset. His friends tell him that they like him just the way he is and a simple fall doesn’t change their minds. He has a great time at the party with his friends.
  • Sticky words: the, to, he, of, be, we, does, wants, do, are, for, you, puts, come, said
  • Slow Down Sounds: /oo/ spelled oo
  • Two syllable word: invite, swimsuit, shampoo

Dog’s Book

  • Dog gets a new book and goes to his favorite spot to read. When he gets there, he sits in his hammock, which immediately breaks. He then must find a new reading spot, but he has trouble finding a place that doesn’t cause him a problem. Finally, he decides upon his kitchen and realizes it is the perfect place for the specific book he has gotten. His new book is a cookbook!
  • New Sticky words: where, would
  • Sticky words: to, the, he, was, all, could, of, for, go, my, have, how, from, now, what
  • Slow Down Sounds: /ʊ/ spelled oo
  • Two syllable word: hammock, netting, exclaim, upon, cookbook, kitchen

Cat’s Bow

  • Chimp comes on the weekend to ask Cat to help with the garden at his bungalow. During all the hard work, Cat’s bow is stained and she is distraught. Her dad gave her the bow when she was little, which makes the bow is special to her. Chimp helps to dye the bow, and it turns out a beautiful pink shade. The two friends have a garden shindig to celebrate the garden and the beautiful bow.
  • Slow Down Sounds: long /O/ spelled ow and oe
  • Multisyllabic words: bungalow, scarecrow, complete, difficult, instruments, glances, follow, rainbow, admire, finish, window, fantastic, shindig, adding, bellows, weekend, elbow, secure, fabrics

Cub Frowns

  • Cub is in his house sulking and feeling sad. He expresses his sadness in different ways. Cat comes to try to cheer Cub up and has lots of ideas about how to do it. At the end, Cub is just happy to have a friend, because he was lonely.
  • New Sticky words: your
  • Sticky words: he, the, does, come, do, be, go, we, put, to, for, of, you, have, all, what
  • Slow Down Sounds: /ow/ spelled ow and ou
  • Multisyllablic word: picnic, mountain, outfits, discount, cupcakes, upside, outside, without

Duck’s Night Light

  • Duck’s night light burns out because he left it one and used it so much. As night falls, he becomes very scared. A firefly comes along and gives Duck a suggestion to help him. The firefly tells Duck to think happy thoughts so he can be brave. Duck follows this suggestion and is no longer afraid of the dark.
  • New Sticky words: know, knows, your
  • Sticky words: comes, to, the, want, of, my, you, puts, put, she, they, when, do, have, me, was, all, what, does, no, from, we, for, what
  • Slow Down Sounds: long /I/ spelled igh, ie, and y
  • Multisyllablic word: bedtime, nightmare, sunshine, sunrise, firefly, himself, blanket

Cub’s Loyal Pal

  • Cub has plans to go shopping with Frog. Cub decides that since it is such a beautiful day outside, he will spend the day in the sunshine. Instead of telling Frog the truth, Cub lies and says that he feels sick. Frog makes broth to help Cub feel better, and when he gets to Cub’s house, he catches Cub in the lie. Cub realizes that he made a bad choice and promises to do the right thing the next time. He learns his lesson, and the two friends make up.
  • New Sticky words: friend, sorry
  • Sticky words: to, they, have, the, go, does, he, again, there, why, are, puts, said, you, good, when, of, was, says, for, some, be
  • Slow Down Sounds: /oy/ spelled oi and oy
  • Multisyllablic word: shopping, inside, sunshine, joyful, meantime, cannot, pinpoint, reason, upset, mistake, saying, poison, ointment, selfish, problem, loyal, being, myself, choices, enjoys

Cat’s Claws

  • Cat and Duck are on a walk together when a hawk frightens them, causing them to fall. Cat breaks all her claws and is upset, especially because she is going to a party the next week. Duck takes Cat to a nail salon, where Frog fixes her claws. They celebrate by going out to lunch and spending time together.
  • New Sticky words: while, would, your, about
  • Sticky words: they, want, to, the, of, all, does, her, now, my, what, do, he, go, have, we, from, could, you, for, are
  • Slow Down Sounds: short /o/ spelled au, aw, and al
  • Multisyllablic word: sunrise, sudden, concrete, awful, sidewalk, shindig, difficult, being, simple, salon, plastic, thinking, fantastic, coffee, exclaims, problem, relish, canteen, visit

Fish’s New Jewel

  • Fish wakes up to find a stone in her dish and thinks it is strange. She looks at the ugly outside and doesn’t want the stone, but she tries to be positive and see its value. She thinks of ways to use the rock that are helpful and creative. At the end, her dish shakes, and the rock cracks open to reveal a lovely jewel. Fish learns two lessons: don’t judge a book by its cover and with creative thought, plain objects can be used in wonderful ways
  • New Sticky words: how
  • Sticky words: her, of, says, was, for, be, does, have, again, could, want, my, when, there, to
  • Slow Down Sounds: long /U/ or /oo/ spelled ew and ue
  • Multisyllablic word: confuse, embellishment, cannot, assume, value, invent, costume, statue, trinkets, elegant, jewel, stunning, inside, level, secure

Frog The Kitchen Whiz

  • Frog wants to bake a cake for a bake sale to raise money for homeless animals. He tries to make the cake, but it is a disaster. He calls his friend Duck to complain, and Duck comes to help Frog. The friends make the cake together, and it is successful. The cake is sold and helps raise money at the bake sale.
  • Sticky words: the, wants, want, to, says, my, be, does, too, do, for, you, good, was, put, all, we
  • Slow Down Sounds: silent letters, wh, wr, kn
  • Multisyllablic word: kitchen, exclaim

Pig’s Magic Trick – CHALLENGE BOOK

  • Pig puts on a magic show for many of his friends. He tries to do tremendous tricks, but each trick turns out differently than he had hoped. He is upset until he realizes that all of his friends found the show funny and entertaining. His show was a success!
  • This story is a combination of all learned material and contains a larger number of sticky words and multisyllabic words than most Express Readers’ books.
  • Slow Down Sounds: soft c /s/, soft g /j/
  • Multisyllablic word: engine, little, magic, challenge, performing, pointer, legend, gentle, tragic, comic, welcome, introduce, terrific, helper, entertain, perform, original, orange, disappear, into, enlarge

The Snakes Make a Snowman – CHALLENGE BOOK

  • The snakes wake up to find that a blizzard has come and left behind a ton of snow. They make a snowman, but all the while, Snake 2 is confused about why it must be just a man. When he finally asks, the twins decide to make other types of structures and creatures. At the end, the snakes feel fulfilled and happy at all of their creativity and work.
  • This story is a combination of all learned material and contains a larger number of sticky words and multisyllabic words than most Express Readers’ books. The basis of this book is to practice multisyllabic and compound words containing the phonics chunks and rules learned in Step 6.
  • Slow Down Sounds: Multisyllabic Words and Compound Words
  • Multisyllablic word: snowman, assembled, tennis, snowballs, melon, blanket, outside, powder, morning, blizzard, exclaimed, formed, hidden, engine, conductor, window, smiled, shaped, igloo, tunnel, entrance, slithered, artistic, imagine, construct, something, different, buttons, apple, orange, gumdrops, looked, always, before, never

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