Couple Cards, Steps 1-5

Couple Cards, Steps 1-5

Item # 3031


5 Steps of cards
3.5”x2”, hard card, UV coated

The Couple Cards are pairs of cards, a word card and a picture card, that can be used for matching, demonstration and introduction to a specifics phonics structure, memory games, and much more.

The focus phonics are highlighted in a different color.

This set includes 20+ pairs for each of the following, each with a different back color for easy sorting:

Step 1 (yellow cards) – cvc words
Step 2 (blue cards) – words with blends and short vowels
Step 3 (red cards) – words with digraphs and short vowels
Step 4 (green cards) – long vowels spelled with sneaky e
Step 5 (orange cards) – long vowels spelled with basic vowel
teams: ee, ea, ai, oa, ui

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