Step Themes, Steps 2-5

Step Themes, Steps 2-5

Item # 4016



All materials are hard card, UV coated

The Step Theme for Step 2 presents blends using a blender to mix the separate sounds, with a plastic pocket and blend cards.

The Step Theme for Step 3 demonstrates consonant digraphs with an engaging movement of letters crashing into one another to make a new sound.

The Step Theme for Step 4 demonstrates sneaky “e” shows the “e” tip-toeing up at the end of a word and whispering “say your name.” This also includes individual Sneaky “e” cards for use in a game of putting the “e” on the end of short words to make the vowel long.

The Step Theme for Step 5 is an interactive display used to explain vowel teams with a place to Velcro the vowel team cards.

The back of each Step Theme gives an explanation of the rule and examples.

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