Wonder Words

Wonder Words

Item # 3032


letter cards & mats

Wonder Words is a word building activity for hands on practice of encoding, segmenting, blending, and substitution.

Wonder Words includes:

-Wonder Words Cards, Set 1 (25 of each letter in the alphabet with a pink line to show the bottom of each card.

-Wonder Words Cards, Set 2 (blends/blue cards, digraphs/red cards, vowel teams/orange cards)

-25 Wonder Words Mats (double sided with the CVCe pattern on the back of the mat)

-one teacher copy mat with plastic pockets for display

To buy Wonder Word Cards, Set 1, basic letter set separately, click here.

To buy Wonder Word Cards, Set 2, blends, digraphs, and vowel teams, click here.

To buy Wonder Word Mats, Set of 25, (with a teacher mat) separately, click here.

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