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Steps 4-6 Program​


Board Games

Board games are a great way to practice phonics skills and blending in an engaging way with groups.

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Use one die. Students roll, land on a space, read the word, and use the word in a sentence. First student to reach the “win” star winsIf you use the blank copy, fill in each space with a word at the level of phonics you wish the students to practice.

-Use in a reading center or as an activity after reviewing a learned phonics structure.
-Use with beginning letter sounds but facilitate. Students land on a letter and think of a word beginning with the sound that letter spells.
-Put a higher-level phonics chunk in each square (i.e. “ar,” “or,” “oi,” etc.). Students have to think of a word that contains that sound and use it in a sentence (or write it in a list for upper level abilities).
-Print the black and white copy with words on it to send home as a fun game for families to play and practice with kiddos.

Slip and Step can be copied, sent home, or used in centers. Educators write words on the lines based on the level of phonics being studied. The downloadable file is two sheets, which are perfect for the inside of a file folder. Print, write, cut and paste.

PRO-TIP: Laminate the board and use a dry erase marker to write words based on what is being done at the current moment.

Use one die. Roll one die and move that many spaces. Read the word on the space and use that word in a sentence. If you land on the bottom of a ladder, you read the word in the square before going up the ladder where you read the next word. If you land on the slide, read the word at the top before sliding down. Take turns until someone reaches Bug at the end!

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